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Modern Decorating and Design Ideas

There are so many design ideas floating around out there. Trying to find something that looks modern and fresh isn’t always easy. The good news is you don’t have to look too far or spend a fortune. These five modern decorating and design ideas are perfect for homes of all sizes.

Keep It Crisp with White and Gold

Opt for lighter colors will instantly bring a modern look to your home. It brightens up the space and makes a smaller living room or bedroom look much larger. Sprinkle in a little gold and you bring small splash of bling to your home.

Make the base of your home white. Choose white chairs, wood, and other items. Then you can throw a few elements of gold, such as a cushion on the couch, a beautiful photo frame on the desk, or a white and gold spotted trash can.

Modern Decoration

Add Rustic with a Modern Flare

Just because you want something to look current doesn’t mean you have to avoid some of the older styles. A rustic look is simple and adds character. You can add it to your home easily, through the use of wooden furniture or an overlay on a wall.

Keep the wood light and fresh. Pine and other similar types bring out a lightness and are much easier to keep up to date. Make sure they’re cleanly cut, sanded down, and well varnished.

It’s then time to add a modern flare. Add a splash of yellow or your favorite color to one wall. And don’t forget the white for a clean and crisp start.

Home Decor

Use Concrete and Color

Some of the more modern day materials will instantly bring that feeling of today’s world into your home. You don’t need to add the modern materials to the whole room. Just choose one wall and add a concrete-style overlay to it. Real concrete may be expensive an heavy, but you can look for some faux concrete options at a low cost.

Add a mixture of colors around the room to finish off the look. Don’t worry about the colors clashing. The more the better. You instantly get this futuristic style.

Modern Living Room Decor

Add a Hanging Chair

Metal furniture instantly gives the appearance of the current day. It’s time to add the metal in a beautiful and unique way. How about as a hanging chair?

You get to combine a mixture of the Bohemian hammocks with the metal styles. You can add cushions in a color of choice to make sure your chair is comfortable and a fun place to hang out. Always ensure your new chair is installed correctly! It will cost a little extra money, but it will help to protect your ceiling and your safety!

Add a rug underneath the chair. You can also get a small metal stool that matches the chair design. You’ll have multiple ways to sit on the chair.

If you’re getting a metal chair, keep the rest of the room basic. You want to pull the attention directly to the chair in the room for the full effect.

Hanging Chair Home Decoration

Add Cushions to Sit On

It’s time to step away from the traditional way of sitting in a home. Why not add a few beanbags and larger cushioned stools for everyone to sit on. Make sure they are light in color. If your couch is white, opt for gold or beige colors to keep the scheme simple.

The cushions can be used in all types of ways. Sit on them or put your feet up while you’re on the couch.

Cushion Decor