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Living Room Décor Ideas

Are you looking to update your living room? You’ll want a décor that speaks to your personality, while offering a comfortable space for your guests. This is one of the more popular rooms for communing in, after all.

These four living room décor ideas will offer something for everyone. Whether you want to make a rustic, homely style feel more modern or create more space in a small room, there is something for you.

Try Out Monochrome Colors

Start with a simple base and add just a few colors. A monochrome look can offer a modern, fresh look to your home. Keep the walls a cream or light gray color and try to match as much of your furniture to that. You then only want a few items that will add extra color, sticking to black and white at all times.

Use pillows and throws to complete the look. The only area where there may be a little extra color is on your shelves. The items on there will become focal points in your home, so make sure they’re items that you want to stand out to your guests. Your photos are excellent items to put on displace in a monochrome setting.

Living Room Decor

Keep It Simple and Spacious

Get rid of the coffee table and other items that tend to clog up your room. Opt for a small, futon-like couch and stick to one tall but narrow shelving unit for one of the walls. Keep as much off the floor as possible. The only thing you may want is a rug that sits near your couch for practical and homely reasons.

This is an excellent home décor idea for those who want to add more space to their room. It’s perfect for studio flats and those with a small living room that they need to make the most of. While you can choose a back wall for your shelving, you could also build your shelving unit around your TV.

Modern Living Room

Get a Homely Rustic Look with a Modern Twist

Getting the rustic look is still in fashion. The trick is to update it slightly. Bring that outdoor style to your home with the use of good wooden furniture and the right color scheme. Using oranges and deep yellows is the best way to add the look of early fall to your home.

Keep the rest of your décor white or use wood. You can add a wicker chair with orange cushions or a beautiful oak table in the middle. This works beautifully when you face everything towards the fireplace for a warm setting.

You’ll want to continue the look of outdoors throughout the room, with the best ornaments. Look out for golden leaf statues or stick to wooden photo frames and pieces of artwork. Well placed plants will also work extremely well. You’ll feel at ease the minute you walk into the room.

Modern Home Decor

Draw Attention to One Part of the Room

Create a living space that is designed to draw attention to one part of the room. You can do this easily through the use of a wicker chair surrounded by white, upholstered options. The beautiful wicker will instantly stand out. Another option is to do it with a table or a specific shelving unit/ornament in the home.

You’ll need to make sure the rest of the home décor works with this. You don’t want something else attempting to jump out. Pick your color scheme and make sure all your cushions, throws, and ornaments work within that scheme.

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