DIY Home Decoration

DIY Home Décor Ideas You Will Fall in Love With

DIY isn’t just as simple as slapping some paint on the wall. It’s all about the accessories around the home and the placement. When looking for some intriguing and unique ideas, you’ll want to try out these seven ideas. You’ll fall in love with them the minute you see them.

Add Pompoms Around the House

Pompoms are a great way to add colour without going over the top. It’s best to stick to just two or three colours to get the best results. Anymore can end up a little crowded. It makes it harder for guests to know where to look.

Change your pompoms throughout the year to work with the seasons and special occasions coming up. Opt for pinks and purples throughout the summer, but switch to red, white, and green for Christmas. Include pale yellows and light greens for the spring, while reds, oranges, and browns work well for the autumn.

DIY Pompom Decor

Use a Ladder in Decoration

Ladders have their practical use, but did you know they can also work for home decoration? Get a plain white ladder, so it will work with any room and all decors. Look out for wooden ladders, as they can be made to work with modern, rustic, and other decoration styles.

One of the best ways to add the ladder as decoration is to use a blanket or sheet over one of the rungs. If you’re going with a white blanket, make sure it has a hint of colour to stand out. Black stars, a small pattern in one corner, and other similar elements that draw the attention to the blanket will work.

Kids Room Decoration

Add Filled Glasses Around Your Home

A clear glass with items inside really is the easiest type of DIY you could do for your home. It’s simple, appealing, and eye-catching at the same time. You can fill with all types of items to draw the attention, creating something that will suit all seasons.

You only need a small glass for this to work. Just make sure it’s clear with no patterns around. Add coffee beans, gel beads, marbles, and even stones to create the look that you desire. Don’t forget to add a little tea light on the top to make your decoration practical as well as beautiful.

DIY Candle

Add a Sign to Your Home

Wooden signs help to bring a rustic look to your home décor. They’re also extremely easy to source and hang up. A welcome sign by your front door is an excellent and decorative way to make your guests feel appreciated in your home. It’s better than a welcome mat that often moves and gets stuck under the door!

Your signs don’t need to be wooden if you don’t want. You can buy metal or plastic signs if you’d like to add a slightly different appearance to your home. It’s possible to create aged, futuristic, and quaint feelings through the type of sign you use.

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Use Wooden Pallets for Shelving

DIY is all about turning something wasted and normal into something completely different. You can create practical and beautiful additions to any room in the home. Wooden pallets are often broken down for firewood, but why not create shelving out of them? You’ll be surprised at the way they can brighten up the room.

The way you add them to the room will depend on the exact style you want to gain. Keeping the wood its own colour, possibly sanded and varnished to avoid splinters, will help to create that rustic, outdoor style inside your home. However, you can also paint over the wood to add to the colour scheme inside the home.

One of the best parts of this DIY is you have a useful item in a home. Use your shelves for paperwork, ornaments, kid’s toys, and more.

DIY Pallets Shelves

Create Seating from Wooden Pallets

It’s not just shelving that wooden pallets are good for. You can also create seating and bedding from them! They’re perfect for a den, a guest room, or a pool house. The best part is you have new furniture without spending a fortune. The pallets are sturdy but easily replaceable if they do get broken.

It’s up to you if you keep your wooden pallets on show. If you do, make sure you sand down the pallets and varnish or paint them. You want them to looks rustic but safe and presentable at the same time. Think about the colour scheme in your home and use that colour for your pallets and the bedding, throws, cushions on top.

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Hang Vases Around Your Home

Who said that vases had to remain on the windowsill or a shelf? With the right style of vase, you could hang flowers around your home. You create more shelving space for practical use but still get to add something beautiful and decorative throughout the home.

Give your DIY skills some practise by creating vases out of old bottles. You can use all types of bottles in your home, but make sure they’re glass for the best results. The old-school green bottles are a great way to add a vintage look to the home décor. Use string to hang up and add in your favourite flowers.

DIY Home Decoration

There are all types of DIY styles you can in your home. Let your creativity come to live with the above seven ideas.