Flowers in Teapot

Cool Country Décor Ideas for Your Home

Bringing the countryside into your home is much easier than ever before. You can bring the Scottish highlands, iconic French country beauties, and the deep south into your home without any hassle. Let your creativity come to life with DIY decorations. Here are seven that you will fall in love with the moment you see them.

Add Wicker Baskets Around Your Home

Honestly, the easiest way to bring the countryside into your home is through the use of wicker baskets. They’ve been used for centuries for carrying items around and are now found in most home décor stores. You don’t need to buy them, though. Make your own with items you already have.

Chances are you already have a basic wicker basket. It looks a bit lonely on its own. Get a white sheet or towel and line the basket with it, tying it in place with a little string.

You can use your baskets for all types of decorative but practical uses. Add your fresh and clean linen to it in the cupboards or use it for storing your bathroom items. Make use on the dining table for the fresh fruit for the family to eat.

Wicker Basket

Add Flowers to a Teapot

Got a teapot that just seems to sit in the cupboard doing nothing? We’re all like that! It’s time to make a few changes to your home décor, using the teapot a little more decoratively. It will make an excellent flower pot!

Whether you have a metal teapot, a beautiful plain white one, or one with decoration, you can get a look of the countryside easily through the use of it. Put a little water and add your favourite flowers inside. You can even add some soil and create a pot from your teapot. The spout makes an excellent way to drain the water without damaging the bottom.

Flowers in Teapot

It’s Not Just the Teapot

The teapot isn’t the only piece of crockery that will make a good flower pot. You can use dishes, jars, and much more. Find the items that you no longer use and pull them out for your flowers and other floral decorations.

Put them on show with a wooden shelving unit. The wood will bring that look of the outside in your home. You can make the unit as small or big as you want. Work with the size of your home. A small wooden unit on top of your kitchen units or rustic TV stand will work effortlessly.

Rustic Home Decor

Use Wooden Signs to Welcome People

A welcome sign is an excellent way to make your guests feel like you want them there. While welcome mats are common, you can make your décor look more rustic through the use of wooden signs. Big or small you bring the style without any hassle.

One of the best things about wooden signs is you can add whatever message you want. Use them to welcome people, add the kid’s names to them for the doors, and even add a loving message. There are now many wooden signs that include fun house rules for everyone to follow.

There’s no need to keep the signs plain wood. Add some colour to add your personality while bringing the country inside.

Wooden Welcome Sign

Create Your Own Wooden Shelves

Shelves are one of the most practical forms of DIY décor that you can add to your home. They’re also the simplest way to bring that rustic look inside your home. When the right materials are used, you’ll soon make it look like a quaint cottage, even if you live in the middle of a city.

While wooden pallets are commonly used, you can also buy vintage wooden shelves from most antique or charity stores. You can also make your own with a little handiwork. Sand down the wood and repaint with a white paint for the best results. Don’t worry about a few chips in the wood. This will just add to the style.

Now it’s up to you where you place the shelves. They work extremely well in the kitchen for storing jams, produce, and utensils.

Farmhouse Decor

Use a Wooden Bench Creatively

Wooden benches look beautiful with a large wooden dining table. They quickly bring that outdoor feel into the dining area or the kitchen, but that’s not the only way you can use one. Get a slightly smaller wooden bench for a more creative and decorative use.

Your wooden bench will work extremely well as a coffee table or a window seat. It can also be a good storage space for the bathroom. Make sure you sand down the wood and varnish to protect the wood.

Wooden Bench

Use Cans and Buckets for Your Vases

We’ve already looked at teapots and other crockery for your flower vases, but they’re not the only way to bring the outdoors into your home. It’s time to use the canned items you would usually use for gardening and outdoor work.

Stock up on canned teapots, buckets, jars, and other items. It doesn’t matter if the cans look a little rusted or worn. This is the appeal of the look and will create more of that vintage countryside look. With tin and cans, you can add a few holes in the bottom. They will certainly make better flower pots for growing herbs, flowers, and other items.

Country Home Decor