Rustic Kitchen

7 Stunning Ideas For Your Rustic Home Decor

Having that rural outdoor look in your home is always priceless and worth the stress. What’s more? You don’t have to spend over the top and still can make your home look as beautiful and enchanting as you want is a real kicker. That is the whole idea of having a rustic decor in your home. Designing your home from natural outdoor equipment like wood, twines, flowers and even soil is as cheap as it comes and can all be achieved by single handedly within a few hours.

To achieve that plain and unsophisticated rustic home decor look that exudes elegance and class, these are some stunning ideas for you to consider. The catch here is that they are all the DIY projects and with some little time and labor, you can get them for almost nothing.

Wooden Welcome Sign with Flowers

From your gate or door, you want to give your visitors an idea of what is to come and there’s almost no better way to do that than with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. When this is coupled with a welcome sign painted on a lump of rough-edged wood, visitors will be captivated with the outdoor feeling.

Rustic Home Decor

Benches and Lamp Stands

Instead of spending so much on a cushy sofa set, this is an equally elegant option for seats. Since we are going with rustic decor, the benches provide lowly and humble conditions to have sweet little talks or long discussions in hush tones. At the fall of dark, wooden lamp stands provide illumination over the open skies.

Rustic Decoration

Photo Frames

With four flat pieces of wood you can morph those pictures into something elegant. An overlay of thinner wood can be used for matting and colorful strips of ribbon can complete the set.

Wood Frame

Furniture Closet – Old Chest Decor

Having a furniture closet is a stunning way to implement the rustic idea. This might need the touch of a professional but it is certainly worth it. Refined wood or pallets or even twigs can be carved to give you this.

Rustic Furniture Closet

A Natural Nightstand

You can do away with all the shiny and flashy decor for your nightstand and stick to just a bowl of flowers and a lamp stand. Luxuriant scents from the flowers gives your room the exotic feel and the lamp stand we’ll consider just below.


Twine Lamp

You can instantly transform an old lamp into a stunning rustic decor idea. Wounding rope around the lamp stand and holding it down with hot glue does the trick. Adding a rustic-themed lamp shade completes the look.

Kitchen Decor

To top it up, the kitchen is a prime place to flaunt a rustic-themed decor set. From pallet plate racks wine racks and cup boxes to twine-wrapped cabinet handles, your kitchen can be decorated with wood and twine to give off the stunning rustic look.

Rustic Kitchen